New Barcoding Products by Barcode Resourcing

Whether you are implementing a brand-new barcoding system, or have a strong business reason to upgrade your current technology, Barcode Resourcing is the right partner to help you complete your project on time and under budget.

Our team of seasoned Account Executives will learn your business processes and project goals. We will provide insightful recommendations on the most cost-effective and appropriate equipment that will generate the greatest return on investment in the least amount of time.

Additionally, we will leverage relationships with our partners to ensure you get the best service, support, and price available and will help manage every stage of your project.

Please have a look at some of the products we offer and Contact Us so we can help you get started



Handheld Computers

New Handheld Computers by Barcode Resourcing
  • Honeywell CK Series Industrial Computers
  • Honeywell CN Series Mobile Computers
  • Dolphin 75e Handheld Computer

Vehicle Mounted Terminals

New Vehicle Mounted Computers by Barcode Resourcing
  • Thor VM1 Terminal
  • Thor VM2 Fullscreen Terminal
  • Thor VM3 Industrial Terminal

Handheld Scanners

New Handheld Scanners by Barcode Resourcing
  • Granit 1910i/1911i Standard Range Imagers
  • Granit 1980i/1981i Long Range Imagers
  • Granit 1280i Long Range Laser


New Printers by Barcode Resourcing
  • Honeywell PM Series Industrial Printers
  • Honeywell 6822 Dot Matrix Printers
  • Honeywell PB/PW Series Mobile Printers


New Accessories by Barcode Resourcing
  • Printer Media
  • Docks and Battery Chargers
  • Straps, Styli, Pistol Grips

Cold Storage

New Accessories by Barcode Resourcing
  • Repair Services
  • Buy Refurbished Products
  • New Products From Honeywell
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