Reseller Services By Barcode Resourcing

Let us do the hard work for you!

  • Repairs

    With decades of experience in the barcode technology industry our technicians can fix any problem with any unit. We are happy to support legacy gear, so you can earn your client's trust and be there for their next refresh

  • Rentals

    We keep an inventory of ready to ship rentals so you can help your end user through busy periods without missing a step

  • Refurbished Gear

    If your client needs a quick refresh to get them by until a large upgrade, we can provide qualiy gear for an excellent price

  • Sourcing

    We are experts at finding old, obscure, or hard to get gear and parts. If you have a client that has gear outside your specialty, let us make you the hero and get your customer back to work

  • Blind Services for End Users

    We have a number of systems in place to help serve your clients, without them ever knowing we exist. Blind shipping, customized packing slips with your logo, and even a blind tech support number to give you peace of mind

Repair Service Options

Time & Materials

  • Pay Only For What We Fix

    We will invoice you for the parts used in the repair and for the labor actaully done on the order.

  • Quick Turnaround

    We will invoice you for the parts used in the repair and for the labor actaully done on the order.

  • Take Advantage of Our Parts Pool

    We are experts at finding good pricing on used units and aftermarket new parts, which allows us to keep our parts pricing reasonable

  • Optionals

    If a unit has cosmetic or quality of life repairs that are not essential to unit functionality, we will note these seperately, so you and your customer can decide exactly what needs to be fixed


  • Standard Contract

    Covers normal wear on units. Abuse will be quoted seperately

  • Custom Contracts

    We can tailor a contract to fit your clients specific needs. If your customer has a lot of issues with broken digitizers, for example, we can quote you a contract that includes abuse digitizers in the contract terms

  • Return Shipping Included

    Ground return shipping is included in every contract. We can also blind ship directly to your customer, reducing turnaround time

  • Flexible Billing

    Contracts can be invoiced Quarterly or Annually, so that you can be agile in serving your clients needs

Barcode Resourcing Blind Services

Barcode resourcing is proud to offer unique Blind services, so that we can help you serve your clients, while you get all the credit

Blind Shipping

We will ship repaired units directly back to your customer, using your name and address in the return information. This saves turnaround time and shipping costs, while preserving your relationship with your client

Blind Packing Lists

We can generate a custom packing list with your logo on it, or use your packing list if you send us a pdf.

Anonymous Tech Support Line

We have a dedicated phone number that flags incoming calls so we know not to answer with our business name. If your client needs direct tech support, we can help them directly

Complete Anonymity

We know that you're our client. Our systems and processes are designed to be friendly to helping customers anonymously, and we have a long history of helping resellers behind the scenes and protecting valuable customer data

Sourcing Services

Let us solve your hardest problems

At Barcode Resorucing, we are experts at sourcing hard to find units and parts. If your client needs a hard to find unit to hold them over until a major refresh, use us as your secret weapon. Your client will be amazed that you were able to find the gear they needed, and you can leverage that to build your relationship with them. By partnering with us you will get access to our experience and our supply networks, which means you can save the day for your client when it really counts.

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