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Our History

Barcode Resourcing provides barcode scanning equipment repair services including: Barcode scanners, printers, handheld computers and more. Our team has experience repairing almost all brands of barcode equipment!

Software Perseverance

We go out of our way to try and preserve the state of your units. If possible, we will try to ship the unit out with the same software setup it had coming in

3 Month Warranty

All of our barcode scanner repair services come standard with a 3-month warranty to ensure you can feel confident in the work we complete

Time and Materials Pricing

Our standard model for pricing is a time and materials approach, where you only pay for what we fix. This will save you money while keeping your gear operating at maximum efficiency


Every unit repaired by us will come back to you cleaned and ready to be deployed

Accessory Tracking

Accessories that come in with a repair order will be noted on the paperwork when they are received. We will make sure you get back the accessories you sent in

Below we outline some of the process and pricing options for repair services. Please have a look and Contact Us when you’re ready to get started!

The Barcode Resourcing Equipment Repair Process

We receive your barcode hardware

Serial numbers, accessories, indicated faults, arrival dates, and incoming tracking numbers are all tracked by our receiving software

Your units are fully evaluated by a technician

Our technicians conduct a comprehensive series of tests to diagnose all faults

We send you a quote

Once the unit is evaluated you will receive a quote from your account executive detailing the work that needs to be done, and the cost for the repair of each unit.

You approve, we fix and ship your unit

Once we have approval from you we will execute the repairs to your units and ship them back to you within 1-3 business days

Pricing Options

Time & Materials

Pay Only For What We Fix

We will charge you based on the work we actually do, and the parts we actually use. You save money over costly flat rate repairs.

Competitive Materials Pricing

We maintain a large parts inventory to ensure that your repair can be done quickly and within your budget

Experienced Technicians

Our technicians have extensive experience with inventory tracking technology and all generations of hardware

Quick Turnaround

When you approve a repair it will ship within three days


Our technicians will point out optional upgrades and refurbishment options for your units, with no obligation. The choice is yours!


Know What You'll Pay

Help set your budget by knowing how much your barcode scanner repair costs will be for the coming year

Flexible Plans

Arrange to pay quarterly or annually, whatever fits your business

Return Shipping Included

Don’t worry about shipping costs, they are included in the contract

Rest Easy

We will keep track of your serial numbers, so you can focus on your business

Quick Turnaround

Five day turnaround ensures your business keeps running smoothly

Barcode Scanning Equipment Brands We Service


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