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The Teklogix 7535 G2 is a ruggedized handheld computer intended for use in commercial and light industrial settings. Capable is an understatement for this unit. Running on a Windows CE operating system allows for ease of compatibility with a focus on real time wireless data transactions. The 7535 G2 can take a variety of scanners, supporting a variety of bar code input methodologies. Ability to optimize your unit with a wide range of peripherals and accessories. Keyboard features backlighting and a screen that is visible even in the brightest of sunlight prevents errors and downtime. This unit is ergonomically designed and can be operated using only one hand!

The 7535 G2 has a faster processor, more RAM and “g” level radio as compared to earlier versions


  • Multi-Range ‘Lorax’ Laser [SE1524ER]
  • Alphanumeric 58 Key Keypad
  • Standard Temp
  • Summit [RA2041] 802.11b/g [2.4 GHz] Radio
  • Bluetooth
  • Touchscreen
  • WinCE 5.0 With TekTerm

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Whether you need additional equipment to support your peak seasons, are needing to complete a yearly inventory, or have a unique project that requires barcoding equipment, purchasing this technology refurbished may be the most cost-effective solution.