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Intermec’s CN70e Handheld Terminal is a no compromise design that combines functionality, ruggedness, ergonomics and duty cycle. This unit is perfect for mobile field service and transportation sectors who need power, but compact design to enhance mobility. Designed with the worker in mind, this unit utlizes a highly durable Gorilla Glass touch screen, backlit keypad, and a nearly indestructible design keep the Intermec CN70e on the job site and not in for repairs. In addition to all the normal accessories, this unit also utilizes the new FlexDock system. FlexDock uses 2- or 4-position bases, combined with mobile computer and battery cups in any combination that tailor the base to your specific needs.


  • HP Standard Range Imager [EA30]
  • QWERTY 55 Key Keypad
  • 802.11a/b/g/n Dual Band (2.5GHz+5MHz) Radio
  • Bluetooth
  • Touchscreen
  • WEH 6.5-English

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CN70e Accessories

Looking for a different configuration?

Do you need the Intermec CN70e Handheld Terminal or other equipment? Barcode Resourcing is here to provide additional equipment to support your peak seasons, help complete a yearly inventory, or help finish a unique project that requires barcoding equipment, purchasing this technology refurbished may be the most cost-effective solution.