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Barcode Resourcing Products Refurbished
  • Replace damaged beyond repair units from your gear pool
  • Upgrade to your desired generation of operating system / wireless technology / barcode scanners
  • Purchase gear that works in your existing environment
Barcode Resourcing Products Cold Storage Vehicle Mounted Terminals
  • We are happy to offer a large variety of refurbished Cold Storage products.
  • Extend the life of your existing hardware by fixing your broken units.
  • We can leverage our OEM partnerships to get you the right price on the right gear
Barcode Resourcing Products New
  • Get the latest and greatest operating systems, wireless technology, barcode scanners
  • Fastest hardware means your workforce is as efficient as possible
  • Customize a solution to fit your problem space

Listed above is a variety of options one can consider when looking to upgrade their equipment. There is a large variety of options whether you are looking for handheld computer terminals, vehicle mounted terminals, specialized printers, or something as simple as a regular barcode scanner. Barcode Resourcing offers all of these products and more!

Questions? Contact Us!

If you have any questions about Barcode Resourcing Products or Services we offer, please Contact Us!

All Refurbished Barcode Resourcing Products are backed by up to a 6-month warranty. Learn more about the benefits of refurbished versus new by Clicking Here.