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Varied Product Line

The wide variety of New handheld terminals available mean that we can find the exact fit for your needs

Windows or Android

The latest line of Honeywell handheld terminals with Android 6.0 or Windows giving you the freedom to choose the software solution you want

Rugged or Agile

Whether you need a durable device to withstand the wear and tear of your operation or a small mobile device to give your employees the most versatility we have the device for you

Please have a look at some of the products we offer and Contact Us so we can help you find the right hardware for your business

Industrial Handheld Computers

These handheld terminals are designed specifically for the warehouse environment. They are generally more rugged than their mobile counterparts, giving you the peace of mind that your operation will stay up and running. Each of these units has 802.11 wireless connectivity as well as Bluetooth, which means that they’ll integrate seamlessly with your wireless solution. Each of these terminals can be configured with either an EX-25 near/long range scanner, or a smaller imager scanner perfect for small spec barcodes.

CK75 Terminal

Cold Storage Ready
Industrial Handheld

  • Powerful Hardware
  • Windows or Android for ultimate software flexibility
  • Cold Storage Configuration Available
  • Move from Windows to Android with ease
  • FlexRange XLR Slim Imager [6803 Gen8]
  • 802.11 a/b/g/n/ac-FCC
  • Bluetooth 5.0

CK3X Terminal

Light Weight
Versatile Handheld

  • Light and Versatile
  • Powerful Hardware without the weight of industrial reinforcement
  • Agility and flexibility for your entire workforce

Mobile Handheld Computers

Mobile terminals are designed to be used at every stage of your distribution network. These devices come with WAN radios that ensure your employees remain connected to the supply chain, and that your inventory records are always up to date. Each of these terminals comes with a powerful current generation imager that will decode your barcodes quickly and accurately in the field. Equip your drivers and inventory management staff with the tools they need to make your distribution network shine!

CN75 Mobile Computer

Honeywell's Flagship
Mobile Terminal

CN75 Mobile Computer
  • Newest Hardware from Honeywell
  • Powerful WAN radio
  • Built-in EA30 Imager
  • Windows or Android

CT50 Mobile Computer

Powerful Fullscreen
Mobile Terminal

CT50 Mobile Computer
  • Enterprise-ready 4G/LTE
  • Perfect for Scan Intensive front line jobs

Dolphin 75e

Light Weight Mobile

Dolphin 75e
  • Light Weight
  • Simple Solution
  • Perfect for every non-industrial part of your workflow