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Straps, Stylus, Pistol Grips

Your industrial units are designed to withstand the harsh operating conditions of your workplace, but sometimes the peripherals can take a beating. Keep your solution at peak operating efficiency by replenishing your accessories

Docks and Battery Chargers

Your business depends on communication and charging to keep your devices operating continually. We offer new Honeywell accessories for your units. Keep your operation running at its full potential

Printer Media

We offer every kind of media: Direct Thermal, Thermal Transfer, whatever your business solution requires. Let us help you figure out the right label size and type for your environment and workflow

Please have a look at some of the new accessories we offer and Contact Us so we can help you find the right hardware for your business

Printer Media

We stock a wide variety of media to support thermal printing technologies. Paper and synthetic labels are available for use with both direct thermal and thermal transfer printer

Direct Thermal Paper

Cost Effective Printing For All Solutions

  • Assortment of Popular Sizes
  • No Ribbon Required to Print
  • Barcodes, Text, or Graphics

Thermal Transfer Paper / Ribbon

Media For Environmentally Demanding Applications

  • Labels Stand Up To Heat and Sunlight
  • Available In Both Paper and Synthetic Facestocks

Thermal Transfer Film

Rugged Labels For The Harshest Environments

  • Excellent Tear-Resistance
  • Aggressive Adhesives and/or High-Moisture and Heat Resistance

Power and Communication

A device is only as good as the battery that powers it, and its ability to interface with your whole solution. New docks, chargers, and batteries from Honeywell will increase your uptime


Honeywell Smart Batteries

  • Power your units for a full shift
  • Smart batteries interact with the charger to prevent overcharging, extending their lifecycle and saving you money

Battery Chargers

Keep Your Solution Powered

  • Smart Chargers utilizing the latest technology
  • Customizable battery cups

FlexDock System

Configurable Docking Solution

  • Configure Your Docks For Your Exact Gear
  • Swappable Cradles Give You Infinate Flexibility
  • 100Base-T Ethernet daisy-chaining capability

Unit Peripherals

Keep your solution running and looking good by refreshing the straps, styli, pistol grips, and other peripherals that get serious wear and tear every day working for you


Handstraps For Hard Working Terminals

  • CK series
  • CN Series
  • Broken straps can create damaged terminals


Protect Your Terminals With New Stylus

  • CK Series
  • CN Series
  • Don’t let your expensive units get scratched by old stylus

Pistol Grips

Easy and Intuitive Scanning

  • CN Series
  • CK Series
  • Turn your handhelds into scan guns for more intuitive functionality