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Hot Swappable Docks

Allows for VMUs to be swapped in and out on the fly. Perfect if a unit needs to be repaired or to swap out one Honeywell VMU for another

User Replaceable Front Panel

If a digitizer or keypad is damaged or worn, it can be swapped out on the fly. This lowers your repair costs and keeps your operation up and running

Screen Blanking

Keep your employee’s eyes on the road while the vehicle is moving. A critical safety feature for a modern warehouse solution

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The Honeywell Thor VMU Line

Honeywell’s line of Thor VMUs contains the solution you need for your forklift equipped warehouse operation. Each of these units has a hot-swappable front plate for easy replacement if you damage one of your screens or keypads. The line also offers a hot swappable dock design that allows you to instantly swap to a functioning VMU if one of your terminals goes down. This means is less down time for your operation and a huge benefit to your bottom line.

Thor VM1

Small, Powerful, CS Ready

  • Built in Keyboard
  • Smaller Screen
  • Cold Storage Configuration available
  • Win CE 6.0 or WES 2009

Thor VM2

Midsize Touchscreen VMU

  • Larger Screen
  • Powerful Hardware
  • Touchscreen technology
  • Windows 7, WES7, WES2009, or WinCE 6.0

Thor VM3

Honeywell's Flagship VMU

  • Largest Touchscreen
  • Most Powerful Hardware
  • Available in a Cold Storage Configuration
  • WEC7, WES7, Windows 7, Windows 10