Intermec CK3B Rental

Whether you need additional equipment to support your peak seasons, are needing to complete a yearly inventory, or have a unique project that requires barcoding equipment, renting this technology may be the most cost-effective solution

The Intermec CK3B

$150.00 per unit per month

Our most popular configuration: CK3B20M00E110

  • Alphanumeric Keypad
  • 802.1A/B/G WAN Radio
  • EX25 Near/Far Area Imaging Scan Engine
  • Full Color Display
  • Windows Mobile 6.1
  • Terminal Emulation Software Pre-loaded

The Accessories

Included With This Rental:

  • Battery
  • Battery Charger (1 per 4 units)
  • Hand Strap
  • Stylus

Optional (Additional charge will apply):

  • Pistol Grip

Why Rent From Barcode Resourcing

  • Quality Rental Equipment

    During your peak periods, or any time you need extra equipment, Barcode Resourcing provides rental services on quality, refurbished equipment to help you save money

  • Rapid Deployment

    We keep inventory on hand in configurations that we’ve found to be popular for our clients, so we can ship it when you need it

  • Customer Experience

    We offer competitive monthly rates to protect your bottom line and a warranty exchange program so you can be confident you won't be down during crunch time

  • Accessories Included

    Every rental comes with batteries, styli, and straps. We also include battery chargers or any other peripherals you will need to complete your project

  • Price

    We are a small operation with low overhead and we pass those savings onto our clients, ensuring they get great rental products at an extremely competitive price

Rent From Barcode Resourcing

Units: 1

Batteries: 1

Chargers: 1

Pistol Grips: 0

Price: $150.00 per month

($10 ea)

($10 ea)

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