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Vehicle Mounted Terminals: Uses and Purpose

What is a Vehicle Mounted Terminal?

Vehicle Mounted Terminals go by many names. Vehicle Mounted Terminals, Vehicle Mounted Computers, Vehicle Mounted Units. While the last word is essentially interchangeable, the main takeaway is that they all are mounted to a type of vehicle. Vehicle Mounted Computers possess powerful computer power in an easy to use configuration. They have been specifically designed to withstand vibrations from forklifts, delivery trucks, and a multitude of other vehicles. Vehicle Mounted Units assist in increasing productivity and a reduction in errors. These units are also extremely durable as they are typically rated IP65/IP67. To refresh on the IP Code system, read our previous blog on this topic.

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Vehicle Mounted Computer or Rugged Tablet? Which is Right for You?

The answer to this is simply, it depends on how you are utilizing the units. There is not a one-size fits all scenario here unfortunately. Vehicle Mounted Terminals tend to be more stationary in the sense that they are typically connected to the forklift or other vehicle. A rugged tablet may mount onto the vehicle, but it is also easier to remove from the mount than your standard Vehicle Mounted Computer. Do you work in a cold storage environment? In this case you will want to utilize a vehicle mounted terminal. Rugged Tablets do not possess heated batteries, or heated screens that are capable of taking care of condensation. Vehicle Mounted Computers are still more durable than the Rugged Tablets. Rugged Tablets offer more versatility, but Vehicle Mounted Computers are more durable. Vehicle Mounted Units have the ability to have accessories such as handheld terminals or other devices to connect.

If you are not sure which configuration is right for you and your work environment, one of our experienced sales managers will be able to assist. Contact Us and let us help you!

Does Microsoft Ending Support on Mobile have an Effect on my Choice?

Short answer is no. Luckily, Microsoft’s choice to end support for its mobile operating systems does not effect either Vehicle Mounted Terminals or Rugged Tablets. These deployments both utilize the full version of Windows and users will continue to have a choice between Microsoft and Android. Is your company ready to switch all of its gears to Android compatibility? The costs associated with changing your entire setup may be more than what you can afford. Barcode Resourcing specializes in keeping your gear up and running, even if it is getting older.

Have more questions about Vehicle Mounted Terminals? Comment below or Contact Us!

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